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A science fiction web novel series

Atara Korrell, a retired Navy captain, is called back into service after a gifted scientist loses everything. Is Atara serving her country? Or is she just a pawn in a great game?

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Recent chapters:

  • Totality

    2019-09-04 by

    With their faces uncovered and neither toting weapons, Kyora and Virn walked in-between two Aurora guards in full, white SIRAC armor. Kyora was wearing her usual phantom configuration: covering only her breasts and upper torso, upper arms, and shoulders with… Read more

  • Epilogue

    2019-09-02 by

    After enduring two months of living in an offworld memory clinic at Fiori’s request, and another two months of readjusting to daily life alongside planning her marriage, Xannissa’s father, a tall Elestan with jet black hair and neutral skin, led… Read more

  • 54 – Arrival

    2019-08-30 by

    Kyora stood in the corner with her arms crossed staring into nothing, still wearing her phantom armor. One leg was out farther than the other. Virn sat on the edge of their bed; her upper torso concealed by the short… Read more

  • 53 – Deep Black

    2019-08-28 by

    Taretes, embarrassed at his failure to deliver the ecksivar sample and at his disfigured face, had clothed himself in a black cloak and mask as he walked through the lavish halls of the Corporate Alliance’s administrative headquarters, the Offices of… Read more

  • 52 – Archanima

    2019-08-26 by

    “Auto-destruct initialized. Auto-destruct will engage upon hull-breach. There will be no further warnings.”      Kyora, Virn, Velliris, and the band of Auroras that followed them formed up with the other Aurora groups and held the syndicate marauders at bay in… Read more

  • 51 – Drone

    2019-08-23 by

    “Shit, shit, shit!” Cylenna cursed as she engaged her Goshawk’s ODEC. Her lumigraph to Xannissa disappeared, and she gunned her strikecraft’s throttle, blasting her fusion engines and reorienting her gravitics as the marauders fired their missiles toward her. With her… Read more

  • 50 – Brutality

    2019-08-21 by

    The cadets were seated on the floor and against the forward walls of the dark briefing room now devoid of its chairs and table. Auroras sat between each of them armed with assault drivers and crouching in low relative gravity,… Read more

  • 49 – Eclipse

    2019-08-19 by

    The lumigraph disappeared, the sirens grew louder, and Sesh repeated the announcement from the bridge officer while placing her hand on the captain’s shoulder. “New contacts, Atara.” Velliris stood at the edge of the bridge, watching her much older duplicate… Read more

  • 48 – Abyss

    2019-08-16 by

    With a wide lumionic brush in hand, Sesh tapped into that imagination she had mentioned to Naret on Vandos—that same imagination born from her childhood in the distant Frontier. A white rectangle, wider than it was tall, floated in the… Read more

  • 47 – Informant

    2019-08-14 by

    High above the clouds, beyond the edge of space, hung an office whose wide floor was composed of OPEL panels. The office formed the base of a massive structure named Tetra 5 that drifted gently in intermediate orbit over Akos… Read more

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