Q: Orivar seems interesting enough. Where do I start?

A: Start with the Prologue of Deep Black which can be found here.

Q: How long have you been working on Orivar?

A: A very long time. A very long time indeed.

Q: When do you post new chapters?

A: Every Friday at 8:00 AM CT (GMT -6).

Q: Can I email you or contact you directly?

A: Sure thing. I have a Contact page!

Q: I really like your story. How can I support you?

A: I appreciate that very much! Share the website URL (Orivar.net) with others who might enjoy it as well.

Q: Wow! This story is garbage!

A: Fair enough. No one has the power to make everyone happy all of the time. I hope you find something else that is more to your tastes elsewhere.

Q: Is event X leading to event Y? It would be really cool if character A and character B encountered Z.

A: … (I can’t comment on plot points without putting everyone at risk of spoilers. Even denial of certain events or happenings in the future of the narrative creates a process of elimination that will make other options seem more likely; however, do go on and speculate. Just don’t expect me to either confirm or deny any of it.)

Q: What inspired you to write Orivar or write about some of the things that are in Orivar?

A: That… hmm… that would take a while to explain. Maybe I’ll explain it later, but in the meantime, I think I’ll keep that to myself. Short answer is that I am easily influenced by the media that I consume, and that something doesn’t come from nothing.

Q: My question isn’t posted here…

A: Send me an email. If enough people ask, I’ll throw it here.